Awesome Flight Simulator Kit
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 CActivateOnTakeOffActivates GameObjects when user's airplane takes off the ground.
 CAirplaneUserControlReads the user input from standalone or mobile controls and feeds it to the user-controlled AeroplaneController.
 CBoidMasterControls all boids flocking around this object.
 CBoidUnitController of a single boid instance.
 CControlsPrefsControls persistance of user's preferred controls scheme.
 CCrashControllerDetects when the airplane has crashed and controls the corresponding effects.
 CFadeInOnStartFades in an image contained on current object when the game starts.
 CFaderUtility class to fade in/out UI elements.
 CGameProgressTrackerKeeps track of how many pickups the user has collected and registers the level completed when no pickups are left.
 CKeyButtonBinds any of the keys specified to a virtual button on CrossPlatformInput.
 CLevelCompleteControllerPerforms the actions when a level is completed.
 CMenuFadeInControllerControls the sequence of events during start of the game (showing menus, turning on/off components, etc).
 CMenuFadeOutControllerManages timing of fading out the Main Menu.
 CMobileInputUIActivatorListens to mobile controls scheme change events and turns on/off corresponding UI elements.
 CMusicControllerStarts, stops and pauses music playback.
 CPauseControllerListens to user input and shows the pause menu accordingly.
 CPickupSphereMakes the object grow slowly and be picked up by the user.
 CSaturationControllerListens to the take-off events and tweens saturation on the ColorCorrectionCurves effect if one is found on the camera.
 CSoundButtonLets user disable/enable sound globally.
 CStartLevelControllerControls the sequence of events that happen once the user hits Play button (hiding menus, turning on/off components, etc).
 CTakeOffPublisherThis class calls RegisterTakeOff on TakeOffSequence instance if it finds one. To avoid registering take off every time an airplane collides with a platform, the airplane has to be in collision with the platform for few seconds for taking off to be registered.
 CTiltInputCalibrationCalibrates the vertical axis of tilt input of airplane so that the horizont position can be set as it's comfortable for the user.
 CUIEventsPublisherPublishes OnPlayEvent when user starts playing a level.
 CButtonSoundSimple script that plays a sound once a method is called. Useful for sounds happening on UI button clicks.
 CExitButtonA button to quit the application completely.
 CPlatformDependentActivatorDepending if MOBILE_INPUT is defined or not, activates/deactivates standalone and mobile UI. Executes only in edit mode.