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UnityStandardAssets.Vehicles.Aeroplane.AeroplaneController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for UnityStandardAssets.Vehicles.Aeroplane.AeroplaneController:

Public Member Functions

void Move (float rollInput, float pitchInput, float yawInput, float throttleInput, bool airBrakes)
void Immobilize ()
void Reset ()


float Altitude [get]
float Throttle [get]
bool AirBrakes [get]
float ForwardSpeed [get]
float EnginePower [get]
float MaxEnginePower [get]
float RollAngle [get]
float PitchAngle [get]
float RollInput [get]
float PitchInput [get]
float YawInput [get]
float ThrottleInput [get]
float MaxSpeed [get]
float AerodynamicEffect [get, set]

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