Stain System is a special tool for Unity to spice up your game. It lets you add splashes of paint, dirt, blood, grass etc on your scene objects. It is an awesome way to spice up your game and works with any 2D and many 3D games.

Stain System is a breeze to use. All high priority parameters are placed on Inspector panel, which makes the effect simple to fine tune. We also included a lot of “presets” for various use cases.

Splatter System at a glance:

  • Easy to use Splatter manager capable of drawing unlimited number of real-time particles
  • Works in 2D and planar 3D setups (both isometric and perspective)
  • Ultimate customization through lots of parameters and reusable preset objects
  • Great performance on mobile and standalone
  • Pixel-perfect rendering and custom shaders that prevent overflowing into neighbor spaces
  • CPU/GPU/RAM-optimized
  • Custom shapes support

Screenshots of the demo scenes:

Demo scenes (6 demo scenes are included in the asset package. Try yourself three of them by the links below):

Demo 1 (WebGL)
Demo 1 (Android)
Demo 2 (WebGL)
Demo 3 (WebGL)


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