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Chroma is the ultimate gravy for anyone creating shaders. Make beautiful Material Inspectors, add gradients and curves, boost productivity! Virtually every shader is better with Chroma.

Organize your Shader UIs with notes, foldouts and more

The default Material Inspector is super rigid and limiting. Want to add a note about a color? You can’t. Would you like to group related parameters in a foldout? Nope, sorry. Well, Chroma fixes that and much more!

Create beautiful Material Inspectors with annotations, separators, conditions, and more. You can create user-friendly UIs in seconds, both in Shader Graph and in hand-written shaders.

Custom Attributes:

  • Headers
  • Foldouts
  • Notes
  • Tooltips
  • Separators
  • Tabulation
  • Conditional display/hide
  • One-line textures
  • Min-Max ranges
  • Gradients
  • Curves
  • Full attribute documentation

Easily add gradients and curves to any shader

Gradients and curves are an irreplaceable tool in making almost any shader, from simple lowpoly shading to complex volumetric effects. By default, Unity can only pass numbers, vectors, and textures to shaders, but with Chroma you can pass gradients and curves as well!

🌈 Gradient parameters allow you to create shaders that are much more visually appealing and dynamic than what is possible with just colors, textures and floats. Chroma even supports HDR Gradients, so you can define parts of the gradient that should emit light. Plus, you can quickly generate beautiful randomized gradients to get the inspiration flowing!

📈 Curve parameters offer a great control over numeric values. Don’t take our word for it, here is Unity Blog describing them as “the ultimate design lever”. Well, now you can use them not just in scripts, but in shaders too.


  • Very easy to use, can be set up in a matter of minutes and is beginner friendly. It’s a great tool for artists and programmers who are just starting to make shaders, or have been doing it for years.
  • Effortless ingegration that will not break your existing workflow. You decide which shaders use Chroma (but you will definitely want to use it everywhere).
  • Adobe® Color™ and ColorHunt integration, so you can easily browse trendy palettes and paste them directly into your material. You can even extract palettes from images!
  • Works with any Render Pipeline, including the Built-in RP, URP and HDRP.
  • Both Shader Graph and code shaders (Cg, HLSL) are supported.
  • Highly optimized and can be used in production without any performance issues.
  • Full source code in case you would like to add any attributes of your own.
  • All demo scenes are included (in Universal RP), so you can see how Chroma works in practice. Everything you see in the videos and on the screenshots is included in the asset.
  • Lifetime updates, fast and friendly support.

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