Brimming is the second full-length album by Volodymyr Dzitsiuk aka Polygrim (one half of Dustyroom). It is out on 13 January 2023 here, on Dustyroom.

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Brimming is my second full-length album. I began working on it off and on in mid-2021, but the more intensive work started at the beginning of the year as I recorded live drums and acoustic guitar, and developed arrangements. However, on February 24th, the war began and overnight, Ukrainian life changed dramatically.

All the music and game making suddenly became something very distant from the previous life.

A few months later, when I felt able to listen to music again, I couldn’t bear the tracks I had been working on the day before the russian invasion, they just didn’t fit anymore. They were too sad. So I started again, almost from scratch. I kept the guitar in “Fair Shot” and “Be Careful” because too beautiful and meaningful for me. Also, Alex Mishko, a close friend of mine, who played the guitar, went off to the war front. I chopped the live drums of “Regrowth” into sample loops and rewrote the parts to be sounding less serious.

The thing is, as the worst events unfolded around us, the more cheerful songs I had to write.

In October my friends Yura Shevchenko (a director, who is also a talented musician — Neonknight), and Zhenya Mantulin (a DOP) made a music video for the track “Solemn”.

Earlier this year, I never thought I would be able to make music soon, let alone finish an album this year. This record was only possible due to the Ukrainian Army, volunteers, and caring people around the world who gave their support.

Kyiv, 2022