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Take your game development process to new heights with AI Toolbox for Unity. Say goodbye to tedious manual coding and embrace the future of AI-assisted game development today!

WORKFLOW: Simply type a prompt describing a C# script you want to create. The more specific and clear your description, the better the chances of receiving an accurate script. ChatGPT will use your prompt to generate the script, leveraging its advanced language understanding and generation capabilities. Once the script is generated, it will be automatically added to your Unity Project, ready for you to customize and integrate as needed. This streamlined process allows you to focus on the creative aspects of your project while reducing the time spent on manual coding.

IMPORTANT: This asset works with both free and paid OpenAI accounts, but we recommend checking if you have remaining OpenAI usage quota before buying. To check, please enter a prompt in the OpenAI Playground. If you get an error, you probably have exhausted the free API credit and may need to purchase more in the OpenAI Billing section.


💰 Free Access: The AI Toolbox does not require a paid ChatGPT subscription or payment to use. Each ChatGPT user has a generous free API usage quota that is enough to generate thousands of scripts.
🧩 Seamless Integration: Simply press the “Generate Script” button instead of the usual “Add Script” button in Unity. Then, type a ChatGPT prompt describing the C# script you’d like to add, click “Generate,” and the script is automatically created and added to your project.
🤖 AI-Powered Script Generation: Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, this asset leverages advanced language understanding and generation capabilities to create accurate, functional, and contextually relevant C# scripts based on your prompts.
⬆️ Continuous Updates: The AI Toolbox asset receives regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Unity, as well as improvements to the AI model’s performance and accuracy.
🤝 Active Community Support: Join our community of developers to share your experiences, get tips, and receive help with any questions.


ChatGPT Script Generator is a powerful tool that can significantly aid in the game development process. However, it is essential to understand that the asset’s ability to generate scripts is limited by the current capabilities of ChatGPT. It may not produce accurate or desired scripts in every scenario or for highly complex requirements. It is recommended to use this asset as a supplementary tool to streamline your development workflow, but not as a complete replacement for manual coding.

Please be aware that ChatGPT, being an ML model, may sometimes generate scripts that cannot be compiled and will show errors in the Unity Console. While we strive to improve the accuracy and functionality of the generated scripts, we have no direct control over the AI’s output.

Asset Store Discord Online Documentation