Parse The Sky, LD34


Hi, we would like to share our experience of making our entry “Parse the Sky”. We are Dustyroom, two brothers making weird interactive stuff. It is our third Ludum Dare participation (including a MiniLD). We were actually working on the game from different countries which is super tough.

LD Jam entry HERE

2015-12-15 10_01_40

Day 1
Wasn’t it confusing for you to see the theme tie? It was hard to pick one. We had a vague idea about a romantic glider floating in the air but not yet condensed. After a while we came up with the twist of adding growing objects so that you could find them easily over some time. The focus of the game should be on the colorful visuals and the upbeat music.
• Art: Scene decorations models in Blender, scene mock up in Unity.
• Code: Basic airplane controller, own shader for smart coloring of the models (about it later on).

Day 2
The scene endured lots of iterations, reworks and major adjustments. Many times the artwork was tossed. Pretty frustrating day.
• Art: Scene nearly finished, jet model made.
• Code: Tweaked controls of the jet.

Day 3
The last day to complete the game. Probably, just like you, we had the bigger junk of work still to do.
• Art: HUD, game scenario refined, sound, polishing.
• Code: Game logic, UI, polishing.

• The basic game concepts and ideas were preserved and fulfilled, and it is great.
• Lots of fun.

• Too much time was wasted struggling to make a beautiful screen with only abstract idea of how it should look.
• We went back to figuring out game concept several times.
• Everybody is complaining about the controls but we have no idea what they mean :)

• It was uneasy to analyze what was preventing us from having “aha moment” (during working on artwork). Of course it is great when you have a teammate.
• It was challenging to work with a coder and an artist not being in the same room.
• And, it is fun to make a game, isn’t it?

We wish you a good luck with your LD entry!


Again, you can play the web version – HERE
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