Stunt Rush is out on Android


Hi friends! We are excited to say that Stunt Rush, our latest game, is finally released on Google Play Store.

It took us more than half a year to come from sketching vehicles on paper to pressing the Publish button. All this time you have been following our work-in-progress screenshots and videos. Now you have an opportunity to play the game yourself.

The game is free to install.


  • Intense jump filled levels
  • Unique powerful buggy cars
  • Ability to rewind time backwards at any point in level
  • Very exlusive very original and very amazing soundtrack
  • Atmospheric world that only an indie studio can pull off :)

Have fun riding!

More information about Stunt Rush and assets to download are here: press kit


Casual Game SFX Freebie



Dustyroom Casual Game Sounds – Single Shot SFX Pack is a small collection of original hand-crafted one-shot sounds. It contains essential audio material covering most events of any casual game, i.e. short blips for bonuses, tight snappy clicks for tile removal, ticking clocks for depicting the level running out of time etc. The pack also contains UX / UI sounds.

The audio samples are suitable for prototyping, game jams, and of course can be used in your game at any stage. All the sounds were recorded, synthesized and processed with techniques that we usually use for our games. It is a free download. To be notified about updates and future packs, feel free to follow us on Twitter and signup to our newsletter.

The pack at a glance:

  • 50 audio samples
  • Covers most events of any casual game: bonuses, tile removal, ticking clocks etc
  • Everything in the pack licensed CC Zero (CC0)
  • Includes UX / UI sounds
  • 24-bit WAV format, 44.1 kHz Stereo
  • 11.4 MB size on disk




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Announcing Stunt Rush


So we have been working on a mobile racing platformer for a few month. There’s probably enough to show now, so we quickly shot this trailer. Check it out!


Ludum Dare 30


Hello World!

We had the holiday on this weekend – an Independence Day of Ukraine (hence blue and yellow colors were used the most in our entry game). Nevertheless we both decided to “waste” our free time and to take part in Ludum Dare 30 contest instead.

The game mechanics is to cover all sharp edges on the terrain to make it smooth. Three block types are available: a ramp up, a cube and a ramp down.


A track created for the game:

So our Ludum Holiday weekend looked like this:

Day 1 – Concept and prototyping
Day 2 – Coding and art,
Day 3 – Coding, art, sound, debugging and polishing

Thanks to the early comments about hard controls, we have already lighten it a bit.


  1. We’re quite happy with game concept
  2. Time management


  1. We chose bad controls which led to people being frustrated while playing.
  2. Levels are too difficult straight away. Seems like hardly anybody can go past the second level.


  1. Always playtest your game on somebody who is not taking part in development! Without that it’s very hard to adequately set difficulty.
  2. The easier controls are the better.
  3. No hardcore needed, though it is very hard to reach the balance between too hard and interesting.
  4. It was fun, and it values the most.

Happy world connecting!