Stain System

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Polishing games is tricky and takes a lot of time. Hopefully, our new Unity Asset can help a bit with that.

Stain System is a special tool to add some spice to games. It lets devs easily add animated splashes onto scene objects. Stuff like paint, dirt, blood etc now can be easily added to any 2D and many 3D games.

Stain System

Check it out here: Splatter System Web Page

Aeroteque goes open-source


We are glad to announce that we are releasing full source of Aeroteque on GitHub!

The game grew quite a bit since Ludum Dare, evolving into both VR and Google Tango experience. In the Unity project, the original desktop gameplay is preserved and can be found in the GameplayDesktop scene, while the Google Tango motion tracking powered and optionally Cardboard VR gameplay can be found in GameplayTango scene.

The game is much more fun in VR, especially if your movement in the real world is translated into the game thanks to Project Tango’s motion tracking capabilities. But even if you don’t have Tango and Cardboard VR, the game is still worth checking out!


Google Play (requires Google Tango):

Aeroteque, LD35


Our Ludum Dare 35 entry – the game where pie-charts are not so boring.

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Day 1.
The initial idea was to make a rhythmical first-person view platformer game. You move by hopping on islands that all form on a vague path which leads to some kind of destination. Each island becomes less and less polygonal through time and gradually disappears. The animations and island transformations are somehow synced to the music rhythm. The plan was to make basic prototype on day one, completed gameplay on day two and add polish on day three. As usual, things didn’t go according to the plan.
What was done: Idea, basic player controller and graphics of the islands.

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Day 2.
Main day for graphics, modelling, trying out everything that could make gameplay smooth and the picture at least engaging.
What was done: Modelling of more islands and some decorations, code of procedural generation and music synchronization.

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Day 3.
Music, polish and tweaks day. Till the very end we were not happy with the gameplay, especially the player controls. But you are the judges, so we decided to give the away as it is, even though it has rough and vague moments.
What was done: Music, code of UI and effects, lots of fiddling with player controls parameters, micro testing.


What went right.
The core idea was kept, which is great.

The gameplay mechanic of ‘trampoline simulator’ is fresh and actually very fun!
Also, not being in the same room (not even in the same time zone) makes creating games much more difficult, but we probably did a good job at it.

What went wrong.
Although during the brainstorm we had foreseen a few potential pitfalls of experiencing a hard gameplay, we gave it a try. Fine tuning of the gameplay was maintained on the last day, last hours of jam particularly, which was risky. The controls became our weak side at Ludum Dare once again.


Please give a try Aeroteque [WEBGL | LD Page] – our burst of creativity at 90 bpm. Let us know what you think!

Flight Kit On Unity Asset Store


Flight Kit, a complete flight simulator with emphasis on great look and fun gameplay, is now available at Unity Asset Store.

• Includes COLR – a set of custom shaders for full control of colors.
Optimized for performance: runs smoothly on standalone, mobile and WebGL.
• Based on Unity’s Aeroplane Controller which makes it compatible with everything included in the Standard Assets.
• Ready airplane controls with schemes for keyboard and touch inputs.
• Cool visual style that can be reused in any game.
• Designed to easily create new levels from included assets.

What’s Included
• Everything you see in the demo.
• 3 custom shaders, including COLR – full color control unlit mega-shader.
• 17 low-poly environment models.
• 3 airplane models.
• Lots of useful scripts – gameplay, UI, boids, standalone and mobile airplane controls, etc.
• 4 sound effects and 2 music tracks (menu and gameplay).
• 30 UI sprites.
• We are working on updates! The price might go up!