Stunt Rush


Stunt Rush is an arcade racing game that combines the intense survival action with the exploration of an atmospheric world. Your garage consists of unique buggy cars that allow you to boost, steer in air, and even rewind time backwards! Go ride the fast lanes in the world dog rocks and debris!

• Test your skills on intense jump filled levels
• Drive unique powerful buggy cars
• Rewind time backwards and make that jump again!
• Enjoy exclusive soundtrack
• No ads! Enjoy the gameplay without any distractions
• Not a pay-to-win game. Your purchases are kind donations, you don’t have to buy anything!


More information about Stunt Rush and assets to download are here: press kit

Available free on Google Play Store

Stunt Rush on Google play

Stunt Rush on App Store


Also feel free to download a free OST from the game.

Stunt Rush OST