“Empty.” is a minimalist zen puzzle game that teaches value of simplicity in life. The goal is to remove all objects by rotating a room.

The game has a novel puzzle mechanic that synergies with the unique stylized look. The flat shading style makes the room contents seamlessly blend with the background, enabling the game mechanic — everything that is no longer visible no longer exists. The player’s goal is to find an angle where objects visually disappear, making the room progressively cleaner and free of clutter.

The game currently has 19 levels, which combined are typically solved in 1—3 hours. Each level starts with a stylish narrative that reminds the player to appreciate simplicity in life — to value the small victories and cherish experiences instead of things. To progress to the next level the player has to solve the previous one. The level difficulty is generally low, making it accessible for all ages.

The original soundtrack was composed to underline the game atmosphere of tranquility and curiosity.

We have been working on Empty. since the game prototype took the first place at the Ludum Dare 37 competition in December 2016, where it took the first place in “Overall” category (Jam). In its prototype form the game has gained many positive reviews on Itch.io (https://dustyroom.itch.io/empty).

We have polished the game concept by adding the narrative to each level and the game look improving the shading system.

We feel the message that the game conveys — that less is more — is timeless, and will contribute to the players’ well-being in addition to simply joyfully passing time.

Play Pass fits the game model — a captivating offline puzzle that can be completed in a matter of hours. Users will still be challenged to unlock all the levels, but no ads or paywalls will be involved.

In short:
• A novel zen puzzle game
• One-touch controls — remove objects by rotating a room
• No ads. No paid content. Supported by donations.
• Accessible for players of all ages
• 19 hand-crafted levels

Empty. is out 25th September 2020.

If you are press and would like to cover Empty., you can use these promo materials, or write to info at dustyroom dot com, and we’ll provide you with media you’ll need.

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